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Mentoring programs

Program Activities

Building a program that inspires youth involvement in a way that encourages compassion for those who are close to home as well as those a world apart. While instilling this drive, the program assists schools by helping students achieve thier credit hours/requirements.


Our secondary educational training is designed to reinforce public schools curriculum with no additional work required from the school. By facilitating instruction and monitoring the progress of their programs. All of Us & You Youth Center supplements the work of increasingly overburdened teachers, ultimately allowing them more time for academic instruction.


At each academic and developmental level, program volunteers and staff, develop interventions aimed at helping at-risk youth learn grade appropriate concepts. By combing these educational interventions with a wide variety of recreational, social, health, and career programs, A.O.U.N.U creates its comprehensive formula for success.

Programs are a great way to get things going during any get-together. There are plenty of outrageous games that make our youth laugh and icebreakers that allow students to get to know one another. A fun game at the start of any session can make even a skeptical student come back to find out more.


Programs for Children 

All of Us & You Youth Center programs - are changing the life direction of at-risk youth in the city of Chicago.


Today in Chicago there are tens of thousands of at-risk youth. The majority of these youth live with only one parent who has less than a high school education. Very high percentages of these youth live below the poverty line and face challenges caused by inferior elementary and high school educational opportunities, dangerous neighborhoods and other circumstances that threaten to lock them into a cycle of poverty, gang involvement, substance abuse and more.


All of Us & You (A.O.U.N.U) meet these challenges head-on with programming for ages 12 to 18, designed to unlock their full potential, transcend cycles of limited opportunity and develop youth into morally grounded, academically accomplished leaders.


Our children’s programs depend on volunteers to serve as mentors who build relationships with at-risk youth to provide support and encouragement throughout the year. Our ability to expand our youth programs is dependent upon commitments by adult volunteers from City Colleges.


We also depend on the generosity of donors who provide the financial support to make it possible for at-risk youth to attend camps and retreats where they have an opportunity to get outside of the city and learn and develop skills that will help them break free and escape the cycle of poverty to and unlock their full potential. Your gift today will pay lifelong dividends for youth that have the potential to become leaders in business, church and government.


(A.O.U.N.U) programs are designed to provide the right supports to a youth's development, at the right time, from age 12 to age 18. These supports cultivate in each youth a realization of their own intrinsic worth and purpose to God; opportunities to discover and employ their unique talents and gifts; and the right challenges to forge a strong character that can overcome adversity.


While it will take years to accomplish, as a youth grows up participating in age appropriate Youth Programs, our goal is that he or she will be morally grounded, academically accomplished leader and follower of Jesus Christ. We measure success based on five key outcomes:


1. Are connected with Christ.


2. Are connected to a caring adult.


3. Are involved with a positive peer group.


4. Are committed to graduating from high school.


5. Have a plan for the future.

Program Objectives & Goals

We have targeted local schools, colleges, teachers, counselors, state representatives, civic and cultural organizations, social services and churches to provide an arena that can improve access and increase utilization of services that meet the needs of youth.

What we offer:

Math, reading, music, arts and sciences; computer lab; and Educational Marathons


Tutoring (teachers have been earmarked from colleges to provide tutoring classes); mentoring; social developmental skills; and counselors


Basketball tournaments; talent shows; and dance-offs;


Bowling and skating outings


Music venues and performing arts;


High School and college preparation (college tours will be conducted as needed) and job placement;


Special trips: Art Institute, Museums, Cultural Centers, etc. The frequency is to be determined by the center director.



  • To help young people develop the "I can" way of life

  • To help young people believe in their Given potential as human beings

  • To help young people set reachable goals for themselves

  • To help young people become more self-disciplined

  • To help young people work to their fullest potential

  • To help young people develop a positive mental attitude

  • To help young people take responsibility for their actions

  • To help young people handle peer pressure

  • To help young people become happy and content with their life choices

  • To help young people to become kind, considerate, respectful, polite, and caring towards others

  • To help young people understand the value of common sense

  • To help young people discover who they are and what it is they can become

  • To help young people to become overachievers

  • To help young people succeed in school, work, life, and at home



  • The benefit of being unselfish

  • The value of being a team player

  • The importance of knowledge, information, discipline, communication, and hard work

  • The necessity of setting goals for yourself

  • What positive self-image and self-concept can do for a young person

  • Coming to the realization that the only person who can make a young person accountable for anything is that young person themselves

Program Description




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