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What is Save a Life Program ? 

The Save a Life program will let anyone come to a designated area and bring a gun and whoever is putting the program on take the gun with no questions asked. Turn into the Police Station located at 3510 S Michigan Ave. We at A.O.U.N.U dont know if it is a good idea. But It definetly helps getting guns off the streets, but the criminals arent going to give their guns back for money. Also I would imagine people bringing old, un-usable guns and getting money for worthless guns. Unfortunatley we do not provide funding for the turning in of weapons.


The Save a life program is where the cops collect people's guns to get them off the street, with no questions asked. Of course they could run them against ballistics to see if they can clear an old case, but they usually don't keep track of who turned in the gun. Most people won't even give them a first name. The police are just happy to get them off the street. Almost always the program is a community effort.

The program works because it takes guns off the streets, when it is run in a high crime area.


Below is a link where you can turn guns in yourself. They may or may not offer cash for these items. But its a start!





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