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Meet our Management Team, Board of Directors, and Patrons by clicking on the appropriate link (the picture).


At A.O.U.N.U, we are proud to have such a diverse staff team working to inform and improve our youth programs and development initiatives. A.O.U.N.U staff comes from diverse cultural backgrounds representing the Englewood Community and the South suburbs of Chicago. Our team has a wide variety of skills and experience that helps shape all our work. Together, we are working to offer youth and our partner communities the best possible programs.


Our team of experienced Directors accompanies the youth on our programs, support their learning and help facilitate their cultural integration. They also actively work with community members and our partners to ensure that A.O.U.N.U programs meet the needs of the local community.


Our Directors have a wide range of skills and experience in fields such as: education, health care, social work, leadership training, community development, urban planning, economic development and more! This diversity of experience creates unique learning opportunities on all our programs.


There are four critical components that equate to a well-balanced formula for success: strategy, legacy, purpose and love.


Objectives are reached when there is a solid plan crafted to achieve them. Without a map, there is no direction. A good strategy serves as an organization’s North Star, guiding you to respond to needs, optimize opportunities and rise to challenges. A.O.U.N.U is embarking on its next strategic planning process, and as we do, We’re continuously reminded that while important, strategy alone will not determine our success.

At the core of everything A.O.U.N.U is and does, is the vision and heart of our founders, Antonio & Tishiba Phillips — what they saw, felt and responded to 5 years ago —what they aspired to and for the kids of Chicago — is also our North Star. Each member who has served on our board, each donor who has contributed to our work, and each staff member who has made the choice to be part of A.O.U.N.U, are still today the rich legacy that we celebrate and honor, and the second critical component for our continued success.

Deeply embedded in our current work and in our legacy is our sense of purpose. It is a fine thread woven through the fabric that is and always has been A.O.U.N.U. We clearly understand and respond to the reason we do what we do — children, families and communities. Our purpose defines us, guides us and inspires us. It is the third critical component for our continued success.

The intangible but essential element of this work and in some ways perhaps the most important is love. Clearly this is an organization that is well loved and guided by love. We have Board members and staff who have dedicated their lives to A.O.U.N.U. If you ask them why, the answer is always easy—”I love this work. I love the kids, families and communities we serve. I love the fact of knowing that we are changing lives.” Perhaps this is the most critical component for our continued success.



Juanice Jones | Senior Administrative Officer 

Juanita Johnson | Chief Financial Officer                                   

Verline Brack | Treasurer                                          

Rodney Hutton | Consultant


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